Health and Beyond Foundation

Line Listing of Tribal Traditional Healers - Perspectives and Practices of Tribal Traditional Healers



Client - GRAAM

Health and Beyond Foundation supported GRAAM for the field activities and data collection and ethnographic study of the tribal traditional healers in selected districts of Jharkhand


Conduct a Line-listing of  traditional healers in 7 select districts. 

Ethnographic observation of 2 healers belonging to different tribes, and
also different types of healers.

In depth interviews  


Jharkhand. Districts of –

Dumka, Pakur, Lohardaga, Simdega, Gumla, West Singbhum and Kunti


Completed the line listing of around 600 Traditional healers of all castes.

Identified 260 Tribal Traditional healers and their demographic details 

Facilitated ethnographic study and in-depth interviews of a sample of healers