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Health and Beyond Foundation (HABF) is a Public Health and Social Development organisation in India. The organisation comprises of a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced professionals, working across all states in India.

Committed to a vision of “Sustainable Solutions for Health”, HABF team members have been involved with various health programs of the Government of India and international donor agencies

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COVID 19 Vaccines…is this the beginning of the end?
Many countries have rolled out the vaccines against Corona infection & COVID19 disease. India is expected to roll out its own program early in 2021. All looks promising and the end might be in sight However, with a new strain of the virus spreading across countries and the virus continuing to mutate, we cannot let our guard down and must continue with COVID prevention guidelines of masks, handwash and social distancing…..

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 In partnership with GRAAM (Grassroot advocacy and Research Movement), HABF completed the field activities for the Assessment of Health and Wellness Centers (HWC) in different states for NHSRC. 
HABF acknowledges the support and cooperation of all stakeholders in completing this assignment. 


Program Management in
Public Health & development

We design, manage and implement programs, from the concept stage to the delivery of services with tangible and sustainable outcomes. Covering a broad range of diseases, areas of social development and livelihood, we strongly believe in aligning all our work with the National programs, and complement the efforts of the Government by sharing expertise and resources.

E-learning & IT enabled
solutions for Health

E-learning has been an inclusive to many of our training programs. We are associated with facilitating the use of technology in web-based communication and the spread of information.

We have developed customised content and processes for mobile apps for different health and development areas, as well as content for interactive web platforms and curated self-learning packages.

Monitoring, Evaluation &
Management Information System

Strengthening program implementation with desirable outcomes is a key focus of our work. We design and incorporate smart monitoring tools with a robust evaluation process in our projects. This is complemented with a digital Management Information system (MIS) to provide real-time tracking of activities and outcomes.

Capacity Building & Skills Training

Capacity building and training is core strength of our team. We have conceptualized and implemented training for various cadres of health staff, right from curriculum and content development to monitoring and evaluation of the programs. Our team has implemented large pan-Indian training programs for the Global Fund, the Government of India and many other donors.
We extend our training to go beyond classrooms and into the field through well designed supportive supervision programs.

Program Implementation
through Partnerships

We believe that we can develop as professionals by accessing and sharing knowledge among others. As a member of large networks of civil society organisations in India, we facilitate access to partnerships with the best organisations in many remote locations and difficult to reach populations.
We reach out to national and local partners for complementing our efforts in delivering the best responses to achieve our targets and goals.

Research Studies & Assessments

Sustainable development & growth has been the pillars of our company. With the rapidly evolving health sector, we bring forth the various research study projects and their assessment norms and provide support to improve social development indicators and achieving sustainable development goals.

Our Team

Health and Beyond has a multi-disciplinary team includes a core of about 12 members and a large pool of short term and long term consultants placed across the different states.

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.
-- Phil Jackson

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