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PCOD: An Anathema Of Modern Lifestyle

In today’s world PCOD or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome has become a common problem among the females (aged 12-51). What is exactly PCOD? It is a medical condition in which the woman ovaries produce immature or partially mature eggs in large numbers and over time these become cysts which results in enlargement of the ovaries. They then secrete large amount of male hormone that causes infertility, acne, irregular menstrual cycle, weight gain, etc. In world almost 10 % of the women suffer from PCOD. In India alone 1 million cases are reported every year.

What are the causes of PCOD? There are no definitive causes known but some of the suggestions by experts are that it can be hereditary, excess insulin levels, etc.

Some common symptoms of PCOD include irregular menstruation, heavy bleeding, acne, weight gain, hair growth on face, back or on belly, skin darkening.

There is no definite cure for PCOD however if managed carefully its effect can be lessened. One must keep consulting with a gynaecologist at regular intervals. The prescribed treatments might include birth control pills to regularise periods and other medications to control cholesterol, increase fertility. Along with this one should keep exercising to maintain a healthy lifestyle.