Health and Beyond Foundation

Midline evaluation of Project -Strengthening civil society organizations towards fostering women empowerment

Client - ChildFund India

April – September 2022

Eastern Uttar Pradesh, India


To assess the overall project progress towards the objectives, identify key challenges and any factors that may have affected the project and its implementation.

Sample – 2000 Women farmers in 10 districts of Eastern UP
10 CSOs in the 10 districts
40 Key Informants (PRI, government officials, etc.)

  • Conducted a midline assessment of the project. Covered 1746 women farmers through interviews, 14 FGHDs, 25 Key Informants interviews and 10 CSO
    interviews and assessment.
  • Findings presented in the form of a comprehensive report.
  • Project targets achieved on most of the Logframe indicators.