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Knowledge Management Of Training Resources

Client - Miracle Foundation


Since 2018, our team is supporting the Miracle Foundation tam in developing and translating  various training materials on  child protection and psychological wellbeing of children. These will be utilised for the training of the communities for supporting the relocation and rehabilitation of orphans and vulnerable children within families. The main role is to coordinate and review translation and updation on the knowledge management portal with high quality materials within the timeline. 

During the past year, 70+ resources under different categories have been translated and completed. 


Development and translation and quality assurance on Training content for social workers, psychologists and child protection professionals


Customised curriculum developed and translated into multiple Indian languages for use in different training programs.

Client - REACH



Development and piloting of Training curriculum for clinical Nurses on National TB Elimination program


Revised and updated training curriculum developed and piloted and 30 National Experts trained on the National TB Elimination program