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World Mental Health Day – 10th October

(Originally posted on 10th October, 2021)

10th October marks the World Mental Health day. At Health and Beyond Foundation, we believe that mental health is in the hands of each individual. We have held a series of Mental wellness and stress reduction seminars/webinars for academic institutions, college students, health care staff, civil society organizations, and community members. These events have been welcomed enthusiastically by the audience/viewers. During COVID19 times, the need for reduction of stress and mental wellbeing is very important for society, especially for healthcare workers and young adults. Senior citizens, with co-morbidities, who are more at risk respond to counseling, support and innovative wellness interventions. Wellness encompasses a multi-pronged approach which include, nutrition, physical exercise, relaxation techniques, family and community support. Together with this, fresh air and sunlight boosts both mental and physical health .

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